WP Admin UI Customize


  • ダッシュボード
  • Display options tab
  • Output-meta site
  • Admin bar (Toolbar)
  • Admin menu (Side menu)
  • Management of meta boxes
  • ログイン画面
  • その他の機能。





  • Set the user role apply
  • Site Settings
  • Admin Screen Settings
  • ダッシュボード Settings
  • Admin Bar Menu Settings
  • Admin Menu(side menu) Settings
  • Metabox Settings
  • Post/Page Settings
  • Appearance Menu Settings
  • Login Screen Settings
  • Plugin Capabilities Settings


  1. Upload the entire wp-admin-ui-customize folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. 「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化します。
  3. You will find ‘WP Admin UI Customize’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.


A question that someone might have
What about foo bar?


Fantastic Plugin.

Simple and does exactly what I need, particularly re-organizing the Sidebar. Some of the newer all-purpose themes come with a slew of builtin plugin-type features. For example, Qode’s Bridge theme. But a good many of these, I don’t use on any particular site. This plugin allows me to completely re-organize the sidebar such that the items I need are at the top and prioritized the way I use them!

Truly Awesome

I’ve only just started using the plugin and have only just scrated the surface on one of it’s many awesome functions, but it has me blown away with the ease of use and functionality! Hat’s off to you!



WP Admin UI Customize はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“WP Admin UI Customize” は1ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“WP Admin UI Customize” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。



  • Added: Filter to menu_widget of admin bar.
  • Changed: update_option to not auto load.


  • Added: Some filters/actions.
  • Fixed: Show icon sidebar/admin bar customize settings.


  • Changed: More labels and texts.
  • Removed: Donate message.


  • Fixed: Items panel expand on Sidemenus and Admin bar menus.


  • Fixed: Tweak CSS.


  • Updated: Change the text domain to wp-admin-ui-customize from wauc.


  • Fixed: Empty global values to return.
  • Fixed: Check the sidemenus slug with htmlspecialchars_decode().


  • Fixed: Menu items can not expand with Google Chrome.


  • Fixed: Empty metaboxes load.


  • Updated: Organize the Html and CSS and Javascript.
  • Updated: Remove can items when before update sidemenu setting.

  • Fixed: Do not working of Sortable of jQuery 1.11.4.
  • Fixed: Tweak CSS.
  • Add Language: Add language for Russian.

  • Enhancement: Loading the Meta boxes.

  • Fixed: URL escape to add_query_arg / remove_query_arg.
  • Supported: Compatible to Polylang.

  • Changed: Change the priority to manage meta boxes.
  • Changed: Show the Network menus on Admin Bar Settings.
  • Changed: Change the default capability on settings.
  • Fixed: Multiple other plugins settings on the Admin Bar Menu.
  • Fixed: Orders post type to show error on Woocommerce.
  • Fixed: Select all check to settings on manage meta boxes.
  • Fixed: Text to Create menu on the Appearance Menus.
  • Fixed: Change the capability to load to the meta boxe.

  • Fixed: Can be menu to parent menu of side menu settings.

  • Fixed: How to get the current user role.

  • Fixed: Priority change of loading meta boxes on Dashboard.
  • Fixed: Customize of Appearance.
  • Added: Shortcode to order number count show of WooCommerce.
  • Added: Add View Post menu of Admin bar settings.
  • Added: Shortcode to Current post type name.
  • Support: Compatible to Post Edit Toolbar.

  • Updated: Remove the specific slug of child menu of Side menus.

  • Updated: Metaboxes on Dashboard is latest.
  • Updated: Translation for zh_TW.


  • Added: Translation for zh-TW.
  • Updated: Change how to loading the metaboxes.


  • Added: Search box settings on the Admin Bar Settings.


  • Fixed: Strip html tag from the title of Side menu settings.
  • Fixed: Update notification on the Front-end.
  • Added: Settings default show of Metaboxes manage.
  • Added: Possible to settings children-free menu of Side menu settings.

  • Fixed: Timing change of metabox load.

  • Fixed: Error show of not core update notice settings.
  • Fixed: Submit metabox is setting of custom post type of Manager Metabox.


  • Fixed: Settings of Dashboard.
  • Added: Write link to the document.
  • Added: Delete settings feature of All.
  • Added: setting to resize the feature.

  • Fixed: Data save way.

  • Fixed: Post edit ID is change on Admin Bar.

  • Fixed: CSS include miss for Admin bar.


  • Updated: Compatible to 3.8.
  • Updated: Existence check of Link Manager.
  • Updated: Dashboard metaboxes settings.
  • Updated: Screen shots.
  • Added: Working capability change to possible.


  • Added: Compatible to Admin Bar on BuddyPress.
  • Fixed: Separator settings on Sidemenu settings.

  • Fixed: Can not dropped on Admin Bar settings.

  • Fixed: Svn upload miss.


  • Fixed: Show front item on Admin bar settings.
  • Updated: Get the user role if in Multisite.
  • Updated: Four levels of sub menu settings on Admin Bar settings.
  • Added: Group settings on Admin Bar settings.
  • Fixed: Error avoid as much max_input_vars of PHP on Admin Bar settings.
  • Updated: Compatible to Admin theme mp6.


  • Removed: Remove meta box feature.
  • Added: Manage to meta boxes.
  • Updated: Screenshots. beta1

  • Added: Change the Label name for metaboxes.
  • Fixed bug: Remove tabs.
  • Added: Avatar on Admin bar.
  • Added: Edit link on Admin bar.

  • Change mechanism : Update timing change of settings data.

  • Fixed bug : Regist metaboxes for remove metaboxes.


  • Added: Remove metaboxes on Custom post types.
  • Change mechanism : Registration method of metabox.

  • Added to expansion of Admin bar settings (new window).
  • Update: Translate.

  • Change mechanism : multiple form tag to error on Admin bar settings.
  • Supported compatible to 3.6.
  • Added to comments show on hide to discussion of metabox.


  • Fixed bug : Sortables settings of Admin bar settings and Side menu settings.
  • Fixed bug : Get the directory URL on use SSL.
  • Modified the HTML of some settings screen.

  • Fixed : Translate.
  • Fixed : Misspelling.


  • Added some filters.
  • Modified the HTML of some settings screen.
  • Changed some initial values of stored in database.
  • Added a confirmation of Nonce field.


  • Added the User roles reset.
  • Show the User role to Sidemenu.
  • Settings of empty when Sidemenu and Admin Bar to change worked.
  • Fixed bug : Thumbnail of appearance menu.

  • Added the use of variables in the footer text.

  • Fixed bug : Get user role group.


  • Changed the action timing of the side menu apply.
  • Fixed bug : Can not be acquired rights group.


  • Only administrator has to perform of the Meta boxes read.


  • Apply to admin bar on the front end also.
  • Edited the translation files.
  • Updated the Admin Bar.


  • Fixed bug : Error when deleting plugins and themes.


  • Added meta box other than the default.


  • Added some variables.
  • Fixed bug : Error to does not exist sub menu in the side menu settings.
  • WordPress 3.6 compatibility


  • Came to be able to use the various variables.
  • Removed the part menu from the Admin bar.


  • Remove the “WordPress” from the title tag of the Admin screen.
  • Added a preview of the logo image of the login screen.
  • Added a preview of the logo image of the login screen.

  • Fix admin bar menu used the tags in the title.
  • Associate add_action to the function of some.
  • Movement restriction meta box for Dashboard.

I’ve added about donation.


Be able to changed more for the WP admin bar.


fixed because there was a mistake in the notation.
Changed the layout.
Priority of the side menu, and how to save slug was changed.


was be able to hide the menu add, and the delete menu, and the change permalink.


I fixed bug the remove metabox excerpt.
I added a plug-in information.


I fixed bug the admin bar update.


I fixed bug the core update.


Possible to customize is the wp_admin_bar.
will check whether the authority has been set.


bug that did not contain the separator line to the initial value of the side menu.


This is the initial release.