WP CSV Exporter


You can export posts in CSV format for each post type.
It is compatible with posts’ custom fields and custom taxonomies.
It is also possible to set the number or date range of posts to download.


  1. wp-csv-exporter screenshot 1



  1. Upload the entire wp-csv-exporter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. 「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化します。
  3. The control panel of WP CSV Exporter is in ‘Tools > CSV Export’.


How to import CSV?

Maybe You should use “Really Simple CSV Importer” plugin.


delimiter choice

no choice in delimiter??
only ‘comma’??
good luck with all the post_content full of commas then…

and no use of text-brackets either?

i am out

Paid Custom Post Types Export

PAID “Add-Ons will enable you to download CSVs for static pages and custom post types in addition to those for posts.”

This was not clear until after I installed the plugin.

Worked Well

Exporting DB content can be tricky if your configuration is not standard. This plugin handled my situation with grace and speed.

I Found the initial wording of the plugin to suggest that it did custom post types, only to be met with a prompt to purchase another plugin on my first attempt. I wanted to make an angry rating, but then I read more closely and it doesnt claim to do custom post types.

So be aware, this DOES NOT DO CUSTOM POST TYPES, it does custom meta. If you can stand the few bucks to cover the additional cost to do those custom post types, the plugin works great.

Recommend this tool

I utilised the paid addon to this plugin to help me get an export from the ACF plugin, and it did the trick perfectly.

Much better than the other alternatives I’ve seen, thanks for creating this plugin!



WP CSV Exporter はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“WP CSV Exporter” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。


1.1.0 – Aug 1, 2016
Add offset feature

1.0.9 – Aug 1, 2015
Add Russian translate local.
Thanks! COMPAZ(https://profiles.wordpress.org/compaz/)

1.0.8 – May 11, 2015
fix Gumload link.

1.0.7 – April 10, 2015
Bug fix for taxsonomy empty

1.0.6 – April 7, 2015
Bug fix ‘wp_csv_exporter_{custom_field_key}’.

1.0.4 – February 9, 2015
Change to class file name.

1.0.3 – December 21, 2014
Bug fix.

1.0.0 – December 10, 2014
Initial release.