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I was trying to fix WP errors myself until I found CodePinch. CodePinch has allowed me to keep one of my client’s sites working through WordPress upgrade to Gutenberg. Thank you Vasyl Martynluk!
I was paying for each error then was forced to get the VIP services. After getting the VIP I received no service. No customer service, zero replays to emails. I canceled the services and demand a refund. With no replies, they basically stole my money. I could go through my bank to get my money back but that will put my account on hold, something that I cant have. So here is their $10 negative review.
Starting using this service and thought it was great! Then once I bought there VIP plan they are very slow in fixing at all! Poor customer service! They won’t answer you! I currently have 5 PHP errors and its been over two weeks- NO FIXES! Don’t waist your money! There are better options out there!
Makes my site run more stable and smooth. My site is complex and often breaks because of that. There is less breaking now. If you don;t know what complex is, here is my site. I have to use different coding on some pages to make it work. Still fixing it in case you find a couple of pages that do not load correctly. YecHeadquarters I’m not into giving other plugins promotion while I’m giving a rating. But if you have a theme that has it’s on customization section and you run into conflicts with the WP customizer. The plugin called Customizer remove all parts disables the WP customizer and problems gone. I don’t make that plugin, not affiliated with it. It just works and it solved a lot of problems I was having with my paid for theme. Just wish i would have found it sooner. So between this plugin and codepinch a lot of site breaking has been solved.
2016年9月3日 1 reply
This is one of those must have plugins !! No need to run around looking or wasting time trying to find or fix a php error, it’s done in the back round. I just wished it would cover more than just php errors, like maybe theme errors, MySql database error…etc. Then it would be a perfect plugin for the layman operator. With that said, it’s still a very useful addition to WordPress…great job !!


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