WP Perfect Plugin


WP Perfect Plugin (W3P) has options for search engines, such as ownership verification, local business JSON-LD data, Open Graph, analytics, header and footer easy code insertion and optimised SEO defaults.

WP Perfect Plugin also features a subpages shortcode.

For support, feature requests and bug reporting, please visit the official website.


  • Search Engine Verification And Link Relationships
  • Homepage Details
  • Local Business Details
  • Analytics and Tag Management
  • Header/Footer Management
  • Open Graph
  • Miscellaneous


Upload and activate the plugin.




WP Perfect Plugin はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


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  • FIX: Removed broken custom sitemap functionality
  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility

  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • FIX: Removed all references to codor class
  • UPDATE: Updated all non-secure Schema URL to HTTPS


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • UPDATE: Removed GIT2SVN integration as it’s not feasible
  • UPDATE: Renamed stylesheet to avoid conflicts with other getButterfly plugins
  • PERFORMANCE: Removed custom fonts for code blocks for WordPress Dashboard


  • FEATURE: Added sitemap feature


  • FIX: Fixed excerpt generation (strip shortcodes and remove tags)


  • FIX: Fixed excerpt generation
  • FIX: Fixed custom excerpt not being generated for homepage
  • UPDATE: Admin UI tweaks


  • UPDATE: Removed Facebook admin ID from Open Graph tags
  • UPDATE: Added og:image:alt to Open Graph tags


  • UPDATE: Added missing Open Graph tags
  • UPDATE: Unified meta description and Open Graph tags
  • UPDATE: Added excerpt to pages by default


  • UPDATE: Changed styling of code elements
  • UPDATE: Set up groundwork for improved breadcrumbs
  • UPDATE: Set up groundwork for improved page descriptions


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • UPDATE: Incremental testing GIT2SVN


  • UPDATE: Updated help text for custom homepage description
  • DEVELOPMENT: Restarted development on GitHub


  • UPDATE: Removed Google+ integration
  • UPDATE: Updated PHP requirements
  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • FIX: Removed unused shortcode parameter
  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • UPDATE: Updated string/variable sanitisation


  • UPDATE: Updated plugin name to avoid confusion
  • FIX: Fixed readme.txt version


  • UPDATE: Added Baidu verification tag
  • UPDATE: Updated Google Tag Manager loading priority
  • UPDATE: Removed Google Tag Manager (noscript)


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • FIX: Added missing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tags
  • FIX: Added missing header and footer tags
  • FIX: Added missing content


  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • FIX: Removed unused files and functions
  • FIX: Removed deprecated links
  • FIX: Added missing styles (backend)


  • FIX: Removed double variable declaration
  • FIX: Removed unused (inherited) variable declaration
  • UPDATE: Moved plugin to Settings area to unclutter menu
  • UPDATE: Removed unused welcome mat feature
  • UPDATE: UI tweaks
  • PERFORMANCE: Removed unused code, fixed line endings and added PSR code changes


  • FEATURE: Added microdata breadcrumbs (unstyled)


  • FIX: Google Tag Manager script position


  • FIX: Fixed excerpt not being generated from the post/page content
  • FIX: Fixed settings page description


  • FEATURE: Added welcome mat (scroll mat) feature
  • FIX: Fixed performance


  • FIX: Unified gbad.css styles (.codor)
  • UPDATE: Removed Google Maps as it now requires a key and a developer account


  • UI: UI and wording tweaks
  • UI: Added sharing debugger link for Open Graph/Facebook
  • FIX: Added OG schema to DOCTYPE only if Open Graph option is checked
  • FIX: Fixed excerpts for SEO description
  • FIX: Fixed DOCTYPE prefix for Open Graph
  • UPDATE: Added OG default image option
  • UPDATE: Added post image capture if no default image or post thumbnail is set
  • UPDATE: Added excerpts to pages


  • FIX: Fixed an issue with description improperly escaping quotes
  • FIX: Removed version, path and URL constants
  • FIX: Removed globally set option
  • FIX: Code cleanup
  • UPDATE: UI tweaks and section links
  • UPDATE: readme.txt improvements
  • FEATURE: Added Majestic SEO verification


  • UPDATE: Changed several option names to better reflect the plugin


  • FIX: Removed unsafe built-in security module
  • FIX: Better plugin security
  • FIX: Removed unused /languages/ directory
  • FIX: Renamed some functions to avoid conflicts
  • FIX: Removed old Google Maps JS API
  • FIX: Added capability check for option saving
  • FIX: Removed deprecated contact form feature


  • FIX: Removed tags from og:title content
  • FIX: Fixed old support link


  • FIX: Fixed community translations for WordPress 4.6+
  • FIX: Fixed several label targets
  • UPDATE: Added screenshots


  • FIX: Fixed wrong translatable string
  • FIX: Removed unused sitemap module


  • FIX: Fixed local business contextual help
  • FIX: Fixed code standards
  • FIX: Fixed scripts and styles enqueue
  • UPDATE: Added more translatable strings


  • UPDATE: Added proper i18n


  • FIX: Added missing module


  • UPDATE: Removed old files


  • UPDATE: File cleanup and description update


  • UI: UI/UX improvements
  • FEATURE: Removed Alexa verification as site claiming has been deprecated
  • FEATURE: Added Yandex verification
  • FEATURE: Added Pinterest verification
  • FEATURE: Added Web of Trust verification
  • FEATURE: Added Google+ link relationships (profile URL and page URL)
  • FEATURE: Added Twitter link relationship
  • FEATURE: Added Google Tag Manager
  • FEATURE: Added local business details
  • UPDATE: Removed several theme-specific and opinionated defaults
  • UPDATE: Removed dashboard widget


  • FIX: Fixed dashboard beacon
  • UPDATE: Removed Compete analytics
  • UPDATE: Renamed and tweaked the UI and wording of the Webmaster section
  • UPDATE: Updated messages and notifications
  • UPDATE: Removed 404 redirection as WordPress does the job using canonical redirection
  • UPDATE: Removed Google Streetview as it was dependent to an API key
  • UPDATE: Removed Yahoo and Ask in SEO Love module
  • PERFORMANCE: Added autoloading to options


  • UPDATE: Added getButterfly ad box


  • UPDATE: Removed Sweeper plugin
  • UPDATE: Removed obsolete analytics module
  • UPDATE: Removed obsolete sitemap module
  • UPDATE: Removed obsolete admin.css
  • FIX: Fixed several links
  • FIX: Fixed Google Maps URL to automatically pick http:// or https://
  • FIX: Added language files


  • FEATURE: Merged WordPress Sweeper plugin
  • UPDATE: Removed obsolete SEO tracker module


  • UPDATE: Removed obsolete analytics module
  • FIX: Removed old links


  • Fixed Google Streetview (backend)
  • Reformatted SEO tracker
  • Reformatted plugin dashboard page
  • Added dashboard “planet” widget for getbutterfly.com

  • Removed deprecated functions from mod-analytics.php
  • Fixed unset POST variables in w3p-sitemap.php
  • Fixed version number in index.php
  • TODO: Include a native WordPress deprecation checker
  • TODO: Include a malware check (root string finder)

  • Removed empty forms from SEO Tracker
  • Removed an inactive function


  • Removed custom login logo (WordPress 3.6 changed the format)
  • Removed an erroneus login screen customization
  • Removed an inactive function
  • Removed Feedburner options as the plugin is outdated, and there was no update from Google for almost 3 years
  • Removed all custom dashboard CSS code

  • Added media sitemap module
  • Added license specification

  • Tweaked the Google Maps module (paragraph tag insertion issue)
  • Tweaked the Analytics module to work from inside the Perfect Plugin
  • Fixed deprecated functions

  • Added option to enable/disable analytics module
  • Consolidated the SEO tracker
  • Merged several options scattered throughout the plugin


  • Merged with SEO Love plugin
  • Merged with Smashing Analytics plugin (update/migration is possible)
  • Removed hardcoded path

  • Added additional (override) style for pages (Google Maps inner images background)
  • Improved page speed by removing Google Maps API calls on pages without Google Maps or StreetView
  • Removed a getButterfly link
  • Removed an empty header call

  • Removed Yahoo Site Explorer as it’s no longer relevant


  • Official public release

  • Removed a duplicate option
  • Fixed Google PageRank URL due the October 2011 algorythm change (changed parameter “search” to “tbr”)
  • Simplified the SEO Tracker module

  • Removed Blog Catalog code
  • Removed more useless code from webmaster panel
  • Removed warning

  • Fixed Bing/Yahoo switched codes

  • Added gallery fix
  • Fixed Google Streetview icon
  • Removed RSS dashboard widget

  • Added more custom branding
  • Fixed a Google Feedburner warning

  • Added page speed tracking for Google Analytics
  • Added custom login panel


  • Rewritten basic webmaster settings


  • Added submenus
  • Added an options page (currently with email address only)


  • First release (buggy, crippled and alpha quality)