This plugin has been closed for new installs.



bad support – no customization allowed

yes the app is good. (not awesome!)
it does what it says!
but no support at all! they said you can use it with shortcode.

1- i wanted to put it in my custom login . php
there is no work for shortcode there! but they didn’t help me with a single code !

2 – i’ve blocked back-end (wp-login/wp-admin/wp-…) for non admins.
it get’s you to wp-…
and there’s no way to change it!

3 – i used it in my sidebar as a widget.
the button looks ok!
but if you logout, and want to login again, then you will see there is no button.
it will show you a form instead “it seems that you’ve logged in recently with this account … ” “log in again”
and believe me, its css was a mess!

Secure and good for password-challenged clients

As I move sites to SSL, the need for an out of channel login for use on shared WiFi is somewhat reduced. The best thing is that Clef allows me make clients who cannot remember passwords happy. I show them how i just point my phone at the site and it’s magic!

support = 0

If the plugin works in your WP installation… fine, everyone is happy. If by any chance, you have a problem with Clef, their support is simply non-existing. You are on your own. Check the support page and see how many posts are unanswered.

absolutely will not work on shared hosting without throttling your CPU

CPU load average 5%. Enable Clef, 2FA… CPU usage 30-40 % of the whole dedicated unit and receiving warning emails from hosting provider saying that its being throttled

dont even bother. Plus people can still access the wp-login.php page anyway, infact I received more hits and attempted logins via wp-login.php when Clef was enabled than I have all day when it was not installed….

probably uses all the CPU because its showing that stupid wave to every single tom dick and harry that wants to visit the login page and try and get in



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