Works fine. Terrible Billing Policies and Customer Service

YITH has made it clear to me through our communications that they don't care about my experience as a customer. After making an accidental purchase, they refused to give me a refund even though I haven't even used the product. I used to think YITH was a top-notch company, but my agency will not be using their products in the future. I am very upset about this.

Good plugin, perfect support!

A simple to use plugin, unfortunately I had some problems with integrating it in my website but YITH support team helped me out and it worked out in the end!

Basic version does not work, no support

YITH Infinite Scrolling basic version did not work after install. YITH support chat told me they could hot help, as I had not paid. I want the paid features but I'm not going to pay for them if even the basic version doesn't work Catch 22. Support rep told me to post a question on here, which apparently the developer "might check once a week". So many other theme and plugin developers offer good support today, this is unacceptable.

Like a charm

I would have missed a couple of items within woocommerce nav but with the documentation, anyone can set this up!

Works like a charm

Very nice, works well until you set with precision all the div name, the only tricky part for most of the people.


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