2016年12月21日 1 reply
I am searching for an Gzip for my WP site so, I found this “complete” solution, install it and set it up, as I am about to activate Gzip and read this in description: “We purposely left GZIP compression out of this plugin, because GZIP compression is something that should really be enabled at the Apache” I don’t know any Apache or any other indigenous people to do that for me, what I do know is how to tick the option for Gzip, you know enable-disable… So I activate super duper boost without asking Apache to do that for me and guess what, identical test results from all over the place. I am glad this was a free plugin, since paying for this would be pure nonsense!
2016年9月3日 2 replies
We tested this cache out thoroughly over several sites; as well as other high popularity cache programs. For “Hyper Cache” Google-ranking load-up times are identical to not installing ANY cache at all, especially on our test eCommerce site. “Zen Cache” appears surprisingly good though, so is W3 (w painful config) & Commercial WP Rocket. But “WP Fastest Cache” actually is sometimes SLOWER than no cache at all. Agree with others here, while “Zen Cache” is a snap (1 Button) to configure, un-installing can be problematic. What a minefield caching is!!!
2016年9月3日 3 replies
Installed right now… Very Fast with GZip Compression Enabled! Many Thanx 😉
2016年9月3日 4 replies
been using the plugin for a while simple and yet powerful, hassle-free settings and the plugin does rest of the job better. However, recently I have found out that the plugin doesn’t clear the custom categories associated with custom post types…. so I had to prevent the plugin from caching the custom taxonomies at all… it would be great if next update would fix this or let me know if there is any filter that can do the job?? Thanks


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