このプラグインの公開は2021年10月11日に停止されており、ダウンロードできません。 この公開停止は一時的なもので、完全なレビューを待っている状態です。


Considering this is a free plugin, it's pretty good. It's easy to use and the documentation is okay. However it's missing a few important features. The biggest for me: Recipe import/export options. A request many other users had before me and the developer replied here in this forum over 2 years ago that it's in development. Well.... it's still not available - not in the PRO version either. The recipe template layout/design options are limited. However Cooked / Cooked PRO integrates well with Elementor plus Elementor PRO Website Builder and you can build a custom recipe template this way. Cooked has a section about "how to do this" in its documentation, so this is nice. Customer Support. Hmmmm, it's there but very sluggish. Even when you have the PRO version. For PRO customers, the support should be improved.
I've submitted recipes from WP admin and from the anonymous user front end form. The admin submission form is great. The anonymous front-end form has no styling whatsoever. I would like to see some improvement here (thank you).
The plugin does not really work with my theme, so I bought extra the plugin from Boxy Studio as I thought I would get support... But they don't really care. The version to browse for a recipe is outdated and a step back from the previous version, where you could filter... I asked for code support to get the filter, which they once had, again- first they told me it was too time consuming to switch from browsing to filter but when I replied that that makes no sense as they originally already had filters so I would just like support in getting the old version back- no answer anymore, of course not. What did I expect! FYI: You're lucky when you get an answer within two weeks!!! After the license has ran out I just buy a gpl, that's cheaper as support for the official plugin support is not available anyway. Cannot recommend this.
I am really unhappy using the Pro version: A lot of conflicts with other plugins, like Yoast, and maybe the Divi theme. The picture upload does not work, links/buttons are not visible. After sorting out which plugin caused the conflict, e.g. Yoast, today again Cooked Pro didn't work correctly. I guess it is because of the recent updates of other plugins. Although I give two stars because - of the basic version, the pretty layout and maybe the plugin is useful for simple websites/blogs using no other plugins. - the support is reachable, although their ideas didn't help to solve the problems
I bought the pro version because I wanted to be able to have others submit their own recipes to the site and rate recipes. The biggest problem is that it doesn't show how many people rated the recipe, and the ratings don't get translated to google searches, so that really negatively impacts traffic coming to my site. Now I'm faced with the dilemma of buying a new plugin that can do those things and having to transfer hundreds of recipes. I'm disappointed because I otherwise I like the look of the plugin and my ability to customize most things in the layout.


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