Duplicate Page


Duplicate Posts, Pages and Custom Posts easily using single click. You can duplicate your pages, posts and custom post by just one click and it will save as your selected options (draft, private, public, pending).

Key Features in Duplicate Page Pro Editions

  • User Roles: Allow User Roles To access Duplicate Page.
  • Post Types: Filter to show Duplicate Page link in post types.
  • Clone Link Location: Option where to show clone link.
  • Status: Option to select Duplicate Posts Status.
  • Redirection: Option to Redirect after click on clone link..
  • Clone Link Title: Option to change Duplicate Post Link Title.
  • Post Prefix: Option to add Post Prefix.
  • Post Suffix: Option to add Post Suffix.
  • Editor: And Many More Filters and Features.

Buy Pro Version with various features & support.
Contact us for Support Only Pro Version Users.

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  1. 最初にプラグインを有効にします。
  2. Go Select to Duplicate Page settings Menu from Settings Tab and savings settings .
  3. Then Create New Post/Page Or Use old.
  4. After click on duplicate this link, then duplicate post/ page will be created and saved as draft,publish,pending,private depending upon settings.

Minimum requirements for Duplicate Page

  • WordPress 3.3以上
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x

If any problem occurs, please contact us at mandeep.singh@mysenseinc.com.


  • 有効化画面
  • Duplicate Page 設定画面
  • 設定ページからオプションを選択します。
  • Duplicate Thisをクリックします。
  • Duplicate Post / Page will Appear.


  1. Upload the duplicatepage folder to the directory /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin using the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Ads? Seriously??

Dude, it’s okay to promote a premium version of this plugin. We can all understand when you want to make money that way.

But it is not okay to try to put an ad for a plugin that is created on a 2 month old account.

Like what wmeredith said, have a donate button instead.

Injects Ads in Your WordPress Dashboard

I’ve used this plugin for years. The latest update made no mention of the fact that it would start injecting ads into your WordPress admin area. Deactivated and deleted on 5 installs. Throw up a pay/donate button if you need revenue.

So useful, but there’s a hidden price

It’s really hard to trust a plugin that participates in the delivery of third-party mystery ads in the WordPress admin dashboard. I had to dig around for ages before discovering what plugin was responsible for the ad for Swipe (https://wordpress.org/plugins/swipe/) that shows up in the admin notice area. I don’t have any problem with plugins that offer a paid version, especially ones that allow use on unlimited sites – developers have to eat – but this ad behavior underscores a basic disregard for the need for professionalism in user’s interfaces in my opinion; this is tantamount to hiding adware in a plugin. If you use this plugin you should be prepared for random ads to show up in the future.

See ad in version 3.0 (12/3/2018) in ./inc/admin-notice.php on line 2



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開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。


1.1 (04th May ,2016)

  • fix some Bug in 1.0

1.2 (05th May, 2016)

  • Duplicate Page Settings Menu Added.

1.3 (23th May, 2016)

  • 新機能が追加されました

1.4 (18th Jun, 2016)

  • 新機能が追加されました

2.1 (25th Aug, 2016)

  • New Text field added in settings page for duplicate post title suffix to remove confusion of currently duplicate page.

2.2 (28th Jan, 2017)

  • Strings Translations

2.3 (27st april, 2017)

  • Minor Fixes

2.4 (29th Nov, 2017)

  • Duplicate Page appends original post name issue fixed.

2.5 (5th Feb, 2018)

  • Translations issue resolve.

2.6 (24th March, 2018)

  • Added signup popup and minor fixes.

2.7 (28th July, 2018)

  • removed useless adsense code

2.8 (20th Oct, 2018)

  • Compatible with php 7.3 and wordpress 5.0

2.9 (16th Nov, 2018)

  • Minor bug fixes

3.0 (3rd Dec, 2018)

  • German Formal lang added

3.1 (5th Dec, 2018)

  • removed nag