Yoast Duplicate Post

強力な書き換え & 再公開機能を含む、投稿やページの複製に最適なツールです。

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Duplicate Page


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Duplicate Post

デュプリケート・ポスト(Duplicate Post)は、ページや投稿の複製を簡単にするだけでなく、重複したペ…

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Duplicate Page and Post

Duplicate post, Duplicate page and Duplicate custom pos…

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WP Post Page Clone

Clone Post or Page with it's contents and settings…

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WP Duplicate Page

Clone WordPress page, post, custom post types

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Duplicate Page or Post

Duplicate Page or Post is an great tool that allow to d…

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Quick Post Duplicator

Duplicate/Copy any and all post types, including taxono…

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Duplicate Page and Post

Duplicate post, Duplicate page and Duplicate custom pos…

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WP Clone any post type

Cloning posts, pages and custom post types in WordPress…

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Fiber Admin

Bring multiple customization features to make your own …

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Duplicate it

Duplicate Posts, Pages and Custom Posts easily using si…

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Duplicate (Clone) Posts, Pages, Menus, Menu links (Item…

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Duplicate Post

Copy posts of any type with a click!

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