Falang multilanguage for WordPress


Falang is a multilanguage plugin for wordpress. It’s allows you to translate an exisiting wordpress site to other languages.
Support natively woocommerce (product, variation, category, tag, attribute…)

Concept :
– Support all languages supported by WordPress (rtl and ltr)
– Translate Post, Menus, Categories to other language from the component.
– You can use Yandex to help you in the translation.(more system comming)
– Display default language if the content is not translated.
– Language switcher widget configurable to display flags and/or language name
– Language code directly in the url.
– Translate posts and terms permalinks
– No extra tables created.
– Falang is not for wordpress multisite.


  • The Post Listing translation panel
  • The Post translation edition.
  • The Language Listing panel.


1 – Upload the entire falang folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
2 – Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
3 – Add languages
4 – Set the default language (main language of your site)
5 – Add the widget Language switcher to your site
6 – Translate to other language your post / menus …


Is Falang Translate free?

Yes but without on site support.

Where to find help ?


There are troubles when lauching a page for translation with Elementor page builder. Before Elementor open, there is a message that states: ‘Preview could not be loaded’. So, it seems that Falang plugin is not compatible (yet) with Elementor. That’s too sad. Because Elementor is the most used page builder at this moment and it becomes important the build and use translated or multilanguage website with Elementor and a good multilangiage plugin. But at this state, it will not be Falang. 🙁
Finally an easy to use translation plugin, it just works very well without hassles. I have used Falang for Joomla extensively in the past and was very happy with it. So I was really happy to see that Faboba created a version for WordPress. None of the existing translation plugins that I have used even comes close in the ease with which Falang handles the translation. Support is excellent and very fast. Looking forward to future developments of this excellent plugin.
First of all thank you for the great support supplied. I had a website made with Qtranslate and QtranslateX both abandoned, so when came last version of wp I got the need to look for another plugin. But all were either expensive or had no importer from QTranslate system. It meant I had to lose great part of my translations. Eventually, I come across with Falang plugin and I asked the developer if he had an importer to not lose my posts and woocommerce products. He proposed to create one, so my bilingual website is already working fine. IMHO so far the Falang plugin is the only one listed in the WP repository that has an importer for QTranslate posts and is compatible with woocomerce too. I had more than 200 posts, 150 products and 1300 taxonomies to migrate. Of course, by the end you have some little adjust must be done manually but it’s a trifle respect losing all translations. Thank you Stephane for the great work you did and for your fantastic plugin. In case you have a qTranslate website with many products and posts I suggest to test it.
Simple to install and configure. Suitable for those who want a fast and simple SW. It does what it has to do and is pleasant to see the result. The assistance is perfect. I had a problem and it was solved very quickly: I sent an email on Sunday afternoon and it was answered immediately. 5 stars!
I'm a developer and every time struggle with either WPML or Loco Translate. Finally an easy to understand interface is coming to the WP world and not only me, but my clients as well, can simply find what needs to be translated and easily find out what's missing. A real pleasure! Thank you.


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=1.3.1 (28/07/2020)
add language switcher in menu
add filter for enfold excerpt (post grid)
add shortcode falang (lang=”en_US”)
fix head title tag translation
fix attribute for woocommerce
fix pot falang file
language corrections & Capitalization (thanks Rob de Cleen)
fix home url for different home page by languages
add help page