Falang multilanguage for WordPress


Falang is a multilanguage plugin for WordPress. It allows you to translate an existing WordPress site to other languages. Falang natively supports WooCommerce (product, variation, category, tag, attribute, etc.)


  • Easy setup
  • Supports all languages supported by WordPress (RTL and LTR)
  • When you add a language in Falang, WP language packages are automatically downloaded and updated
  • Easy to use: Translate Posts, Pages, Menus, Categories from the plugin or linked from the WP interface
  • Translate Posts and Terms permalinks
  • Translate additional plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, etc.
  • You can use Azure,Yandex,Lingvanex to help you with the translation (Google and DeepL services may be included in later versions)
  • Displays the default language if the content is not yet translated
  • The Language Switcher widget is configurable to display flags and/or language names
  • Language Switcher can be put in Menu, Header, Footer, Sidebars
  • Image captions, alt text and other media text translation without duplicating the media files
  • Language Code directly in the URL
  • No extra database tables created, no content duplication
  • Very good website speed performance (low impact)
  • Contains translations for IT, FR, DE, ES, NL
  • Falang is not meant for WordPress multisite installations!

Falang’s goal is to let you translate everything on your page

  • Taxonomies
  • Menu items
  • Theme and plugin strings
  • Custom fields
  • Page builder content
  • Widgets
  • Shortcode outputs
  • URL slugs
  • WooCommerce products
  • Page title and description
  • Image alt text and captions

Also available

Known issues

  • Elementor preview needs to have “Show slug for main language” disabled in Falang Settings
  • The WooCommerce attribute slug doesn’t have to be translated


  • The Post Listing translation panel
  • The Post translation panel
  • The Language Listing panel


  1. Upload the entire Falang folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install from WP Plugins
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add languages
  4. Set the default language (main language of your site)
  5. Add the Language Switcher to your site
  6. Translate your post / pages / menus etc. to the other languages


  • Is Falang Translate free?
    Yes, but without on-site support.
    Purchased licenses come with 1 year on-site support.

  • Where to find help?
    First time users should read the Falang – Documentation, which explains the basics (with screenshots – in English).


This is a fantastic plugin. Very easy to use. And the support is quick and excellent.
I've used a few other translation plugins and this was far easier to set up and use. I'm really pleased. Plus I had a problem early on and the response was swift, efficient and solved the problem. It doesn't always happen that way with free plugins so I was really impressed. Great work.
I've been looking for a good plugin for my multilanguage store very long. And "Falang multilanguage for WordPress" is my choice! It definitely should be number one around translation plugins! Very easy possibilities to translate products, categories, tags, menus and a lot of other things! I had a few questions in some "not standard" situations - and the support is fantastic! I received answers for all my questions very quickly and with detailed instructions what should I do! Thanks a lot, guys! I think every "native" WordPress and WooCommerce things are translatable now. And questions appear only when I want to translate something from other external plugin - for example I tried to translate product labels (like "new", "sale" etc), but I didn't manage to do that. Actually this is a very small question, but pluging is actively develop and I hope extra possibilities will appeared to translate even external things from other plugins. 5 stars!
This plugin is actively developed, is easy to use and has good support. The latest update at the time of writing was just five days ago, this is a pretty good and healthy sign for a plugin, especially one that is free of charge. It is feature rich and, once you get the hang of it, easy to use. I used Polylang earlier and this has a somewhat different workflow, but once you get through that, it is fine. More importantly, the developer is very responsive, which is a huge plus in my book. No software is perfect, so if there's active support for it, it gives me confidense that there's a future for it. Five stars.
Luckily I found Falang a few days ago! Finally a free plugin with entity/field translation! After all, you don't want to fill your WordPress with thousands of pages with names that you don't understand yourself ;-). It's amazing that there are still translation tools out there that use the old page translation! I haven't worked with Falang much, but everything seems to be working very well. You can even prevent the translation from having its own link with a name, great! It would be even better if simply the node# were displayed, because after all the page has a title. And a language switcher with box and pulldown would be great! Soon I will know how it works with the links to another page. Will Falang automatically change the link address in the translation and insert the abbreviation for the language if the linked page has already been translated? I let myself be surprised :-). Great work, thank you very much and please always offer a free version, because not everyone has enough money to pay for a plugin, unfortunately! greetings LinuC
I had some problems with getting to understand how it works, but when I did, it is a very easy way to translate your site. Basically, you only need to translate the text, the pages and links will be generated for you when you have published everything. Need to keep an eye on the formatting, a bit tricky this. In general, I like this plugin a lot. Great work Stephane


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= 1.3.21 (09/12/2021)
* fix error on dropdown language list
* fix notice on language widget (backend)