M Chart


Allows you to manage data sets via a spreadsheet interface and present that data in chart form via the Chart.js or Highcharts chart libraries. The charts can then be embedded into a regular post via a handy shortcode.

Note: Starting with version 1.7 Highcharts is no longer included with this plugin by default. If you’d still like to use the features that require Higcharts please install the M Chart Highcharts Library plugin before installing this update.

For full documentation please see the Wiki.

To contribute, report issues, or make feature requests use Github.


  • M Chart UI
  • M Chart Settings


  1. Put the m-chart directory into your plugins directory
  2. Click ‘Activate’ in the Plugins admin panel
  3. Adjust the M Chart Settings to your preference
    • WordPress Admin -> Charts -> Settings


Hello, great plugin! But, please, FIX IT: 1. See file m-chart\components\class-m-chart-admin.php at line 309 replace $this->version with m_chart()->version 2. See file m-chart\components\class-m-chart-chartjs.php at line 136 ADD CODE: if (isset($chart_args['data']['datasets'])) { ... } 3. See file m-chart\components\class-m-chart-admin.php at line 295 replace $post_id = (int) $_GET[‘post’]; with $post_id = isset($_GET[‘post’]) ? (int) $_GET[‘post’] : ”;
In version 1.7 dependencies are changed without any warning on WordPress dashboard. After upgrade my charts dissapeared for a couple of hours. Even worse: I've either to change plugin or pay 430$. Errata: author explained me the reasons so I've changed the review.
Thank you for such a simple and productive plugin.
Nice plugin, easy to use, but I cannot use it. It cannot import CSV file with semicolon instead of comma (I managed that). I wanted to present multiple data in single line chart and it displayed garbage. There is also no setting for decimal number precision so you need to prepare data in advance.
I was searching from last 5 to 7 days to find best free plugin for my website, and this one is best among all. I request author to add Line chart smooth option to remove graph noise like in google spreadsheet and add option to edit X axis intervals of graph because I have around 5000-7000 x'axis values with values like 5.23421234 (I want to take x axis values like 5 10 15 20 etc. ;also fix the Perse data in Columns (vertical data) option. Chart is taking values in horizontal line (perse rows) but not in vertical line (perse Columns). Please fix the perse data option because its only taking values in rows not in columns.


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  • Fixed an issue that caused a PHP warning about a non-numeric value in class-wp-rewrite.php


  • A few PHP notice fixes
  • Updated Chart.js to the latest stable version (2.7.3)
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (6.2.1)


  • Added an additional check for the post id value in the edit interface
  • Added an additional check for datasets data in the Chart.js code when adding colors
  • Fixed an incorrect reference to the plugin version


  • Improved data handling for non pie charts (when using Chart.js)
  • Moved chart type tracking from the post_tag taxonomy to a specific m-chart-library taxonomy
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (5.0.2)
  • Fixed an issue where the get_chart method would still try to load the template file for an invalid or non active chart type
    • Also better handling in general when a chart requires the Highcharts library and it is either not installed or inactive
  • Fixed an issue where Chart.js sometimes wasn’t enqueued because of an erroneous dependency


  • Fixed an issue where charts couldn’t be saved if the data didn’t yet include labels that M Chart could find (when using Chart.js)


  • Added styles for the Dark Mode plugin
  • Fixed an issue where new charts couldn’t be saved after making changes when there was an empty data set (when using Chart.js)


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent new charts from being created when using Highcharts


  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (5.0.0)
  • Major restructuring changes to meet WordPress Plugins directory requirements
    • Switched default graphing library to Chart.js (2.7.2)
      • Chart.js is more limited in functionality than Highcharts and the features of the core plugin are scaled back to reflect this
        • Chart types are reduced and customizability is limited
    • Removed Highcharts completely from the core plugin
      • To continue using Highcharts install the M Chart Highcharts Library plugin
        • This plugin reinstates ALL of the previous functionality found in M Chart


  • Reworked the iframe embed code so differences in themes shouldn’t cause issues anymore


  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation corrections
  • Fixed an issue with PHP 7.1+ installs


  • Fixed an issue where the placeholder image was used when a valid image existed


  • Added support for scatter and bubble charts
  • Charts can now be loaded via iframes (this enables remote embedding among other things)
  • Line, spline and area charts can now use shared tool tips
  • Added language settings to allow things like setting the thousands seperator and decimal symbols
  • Switched to internal array_merge method in the theme code so we can recursively merge settings
  • Tweaked the theme code a bit so we can support older versions of PHP
  • Filtering the_content to now return chart code when appropriate
  • Updated Highcharts to the latest stable version (5.0.7)
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (0.31)


  • Fix for image performance options which would disable form submission in some situations


  • Fix for image generation due to changes in Highcharts 5.0


  • Added support for the AMP plugin
  • Shortcode can now output a HTML table instead of a chart
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (0.29)
  • Updated Highcharts to the latest stable version (5.0.2)
  • Tweaked how taxonomies are assigned so we don’t unintentionally inherit them from other plugins


  • You can now display the same chart more than once on a single page



  • Fixed an issue where a notice error could occur when saving a chart


  • Upped the chart height limit to 1500px
  • Fixed an issue where notice errors were causing syntax errors in the Javascript when PHP errors are sent to screen


  • Added a subtitle field which is used in the Highcharts subtitle attribute
  • Noting that PHP >= 5.3.6 is required in the readme
  • Also checking manage_options permission when saving settings
  • Added a Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation
  • The Color Blind Safe theme is now based on a palette by Martin Krzywinski


  • Now using manage_options permissions for the settings panel


  • Added themes
    • Default themes:
      • Highcharts 4.x (Default)
      • Color Blind Safe
      • Highcharts 3.x
      • Highcharts 2.x
  • Added a settings panel
    • Turn off/on image generation and/or instant chart previews
    • Set default Highcharts theme
  • Added full language support
    • Now we just needs some translations
  • Simplified the admin panel CSS a bit
  • Fixed a display issue with the spreadsheet interface
  • Fixed a bug where the Source URL wasn’t making into the charts
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (0.24.1)
  • Updated Highcharts to the latest stable version (4.2.1)


  • Updated Highcharts to the latest stable version (4.2.0) this fixes an issue where bar charts could cause an Uncaught TypeError in some WP themes


  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (0.15.1) this fixes a copy/paste issue in the spreadsheet for some browsers


  • Fixed an issue where the Highcharts options where sometimes being set before Highcharts was available


  • Fixed an issue where subsequent charts on the same page inherited the data from the previous chart


  • Fixed a bug where data sets with only one row/column of data that also had only one row/column of labels would fail to display in chart types other than pie



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