MCE Table Buttons

ビジュアルコンテンツエディター (TinyMCE) にテーブル編集コントロールを追加します。

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WP Data Access

Local and remote data administration, publication and a…

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File Away

Upload, manage, and display files from your server dire…

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WP Responsive Table

Makes HTML tables horizontally scrollable on a small sc…

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Create, manage and design tables without writing html c… 有効インストール数: 8,000+ 4.9.19で検証済み 4年前に更新


FooTable's goal is simple : to make HTML tables lo…

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Make Tables Responsive

Automatically makes the HTML tables in your posts and p…

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WordPress Tables

Create, manage and design interactive tables without wr…

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Table Generator

Create unlimited comparison tables without touching a s…

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ACF: TablePress

ACF field type to select a TablePress table

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Visual Table Formatting Lite

ビジュアルエディターを使用して html テーブルを作成します。

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WP Database Optimizer

This plugin allows for automated scheduled database opt…

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WP TinyMCE Tables

Adds the table controls to the TinyMCE editor in WordPr…

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TinyMCE Table

Ajoute la création et l'édition des tables à TinyM…

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Pricing Table

Pricing Table is a responsive WordPress Pricing table p…

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