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Shortcodes Ultimate is a comprehensive collection of various visual and functional elements, which you can use in the post editor, text widgets or even in template files. Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders and carousels, responsive videos and much, much more.


  • 50以上の美しいショートコード
  • 1-click shortcode insertion with live preview
  • 「Gutenberg」に対応しています。
  • 任意のテーマで動作します
  • Modern responsive design
  • ドキュメンテーション
  • カスタム CSS エディター
  • カスタムウィジェット
  • 翻訳対応
  • RTL サポート
  • 開発者にも使いやすい



Heading         Tabs        Spoiler      Accordion
Divider         Spacer      Highlight    Label
Quote           Pullquote   Dropcap      Columns
List            Button      Service      Box
Note            Expand      Lightbox     Tooltip
Private         YouTube     Vimeo        Dailymotion
Audio           Video       Table        Permalink
Members         Guests      RSS          Menu
Sub pages       Siblings    Document     Google map
Image carousel  Slider      Carousel     Gallery
Posts           Dummy text  Dummy image  Animation
Meta data       User data   Post data    Template
QR code         Scheduler


  • Insert Shortcode button added above the editor
  • Shortcode insertion window
  • ショートコード設定
  • Shortcodes: button, tabs, box, carousel
  • Shortcodes: spoiler, service, list, columns, note


From within dashboard (recommended)

  1. Navigate to Dashboard – Plugins – Add New;
  2. Search for Shortcodes Ultimate;
  3. Click Install, then Activate.

Video Tutorial.


  1. Download the plugin as a .zip file;
  2. Unzip downloaded archive and upload shortcodes-ultimate folder under your /wp-content/plugins/ directory (resulted plugin path should be /wp-content/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/);
  3. Navigate to Dashboard – Plugins and activate the plugin.


How this plugin works

How Shortcodes Ultimate plugin works.

Shortcodes do not work. Why?

The most common reasons of this issue are listed here.

Insert shortcode button do not work. Why?

The most common reasons of this issue are listed here.

Can I remove default shortcodes?

Yes, you can remove default shortcodes using ‘su/data/shortcodes’ filter. Tutorial: How to remove default shortcodes.

Can I create custom shortcodes?

Yes, you can create custom shortcodes using ‘su/data/shortcodes’ filter. Tutorial: How to add custom shortcodes.

Can I use shortcodes in template files?

Yes! How to use shortcodes in template files.

Will this plugin work with my theme?

はい。「Shortcodes Ultimate」はどのテーマにも対応します。ただし、あなたのテーマは基本的に ‘wp_head’と ‘wp_footer’ テンプレートタグを含めてください。
「Shortcodes Ultimate」は時よりサードパーティ製のテーマやプラグインによるJavascript エラーにより正しく動作しないかもしれません。

Where can I report a bug or suggest a feature?

Support Forum.

Where can I get help?

First, visit the Help Center. If you get stuck, ask for help at the community support forum.


2023年3月3日 1 reply
Great plugin first. The [su_post] shortcut seems doesn't work since the latest v5.12.8 update, it works when the user has logged in, but the post content disappear in the final page. Could you please take a look? thanks.
Excelent plugin. Great from free version!
2023年3月29日 1 reply
Questions: Make a content hiding shortcode, by role type "Content control" How to enlarge a window, Iframe?How can I output an Iframe without a window? We wish you to develop further!


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Stability release

This update provides minor improvements to the plugin codebase and bugfixes

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