WP to Twitter

WordPress ブログを更新したり、URL 短縮サービスを使ってリンクを追加すると、Twitter に更新…

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Short URL

Your article (including custom type) may have a short u…

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Get Shortlinks

Get the classic "Get shortlink" from WordPres…

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Bit.ly Service

bitly – Do more with your links

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TweetThis Shortcode

A plugin to add a link after a phrase that auto-populat…

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Bitly URL Generator

Automatically creates a bit.ly url for each of your pos…

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Bit.ly linker

Bit.ly linker is a WordPress plugin that will automatic…

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Bitly Exporter

Easily export your Bitly link history.

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Verbatim allows people to deep link directly to your bl…

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Generate Shortlinks

Uses bit.ly, Ur.ly, and Is.gd to create handy shortlink…

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