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Classic Widgets

「外観」 > 「ウィジェット」やカスタマイザーで従来の "クラシック" ウィジェット設定画…

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Disable Comments (コメント無効化)

Disable Comments – 投稿や固定ページのコメントを簡単に無効化するツールです。管理者は、ほんの…

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Disable Emojis (GDPR friendly)

WordPress の新機能である絵文字を無効にするプラグイン。GDPR に対応。

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Disable Search

Disable the built-in front-end search capabilities of W…

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Disable Feeds

Disables all RSS/Atom/RDF feeds on your WordPress site.

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Disables the WP REST API for visitors not logged into W…

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Disable Author Archives

Disable Author Archives completely removes author archi…

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Disable WP Sitemaps

Activate this plugin to disable the auto-generated WP S…

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Disable Everything

Greatly Improve Performance by Disabling All Unnecessar…

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WPS Notice Center

WPS Notice Center makes it possible to hide all the ins…

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Disable Media Pages

Completely remove "attachment" pages for Word…

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Disable Media Sizes

Provides options to disable the extra images generated …

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Remove Author Pages

Remove author pages and link authors to home page

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