Gmail SMTP

Connect to Gmail SMTP server to automatically send emai…

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Configure SMTP

Configure SMTP mailing in WordPress, including support …

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Cimy Swift SMTP

Send email via SMTP (Compatible with GMAIL)

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Webriti SMTP Mail

Stable tag: 1.7 Requires at least: 3.3+ Tested up to: 4…

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WP Mail Smtp Mailer

WP Mail SMTP Plugin. Reconfigures the wp_mail() functio…

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Allow WordPress to send email via SMTP.

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Mail Queues by PBCI

Queue, Throttle, Send SMTP email through multiple provi…

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Import users from vcard file format. Works with populai…

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ShiftThis | Swift SMTP

Use an SMTP server for sending email from your blog. In…

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mailgo, a different mailto and another tel

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Better Avatars

Replace empty Gravatars with profile images from Facebo…

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Gmail Mailer

Send email using your Gmail account in WordPress. Confi…

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Unique Comment Notify

Unique Comment Notify appends the author's name to…

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CYB Mail

CYB Mail adds advanced Mail Configuration to your Wordp…

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WP MailScout

WordPress Email Outreach Plugin

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