Autoptimize speeds up your website by optimizing JS, CS…

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LiteSpeed Cache

All-in-one unbeatable acceleration & PageSpeed impr…

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EWWW Image Optimizer

Speed up your website to better connect with your visit…

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BJ Lazy Load

画像と iframe の遅延読み込みはウェブサイトの読み込みを早くして、通信帯域を節約します。外部の Java…

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WP-Sweep allows you to clean up unused, orphaned and du…

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A2 Optimized WP


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Lazy Load Optimizer

Lazy loading images and iframes to speed up sites page …

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Convert PNG images to JPG, free up web space and speed …

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Google Webfont Optimizer

Makes your website faster by combining all Google Fonts…

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This WordPress plugin will cleanup your WordPress datab…

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