Footnotes Made Easy


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Testimonial Slider carousel is an easy plugin to displa…

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ESV CrossRef

The ESV CrossReference Tool is a free resource created …

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Blank Footnotes

Simple plugin to show footnotes using markdown notation…

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Civil Footnotes

Add footnotes to your site using a simple, easy-to-read…

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Help readers know how to cite your article correctly

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BibleLink Multilingual

This lightweight plugin makes Bible references on your …

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bVerse Convert

Automatically creates links for Bible references within…

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Shortcode Reference

This plugin will provide a list and details about avail…

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Enables post references (for any type of publications) …

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Reftagger Shortcode

Reftagger Shortcode creates a button in the TinyMCE vis…

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Enhanced BibliPlug

Collaborative bibliography management for authors in Wo…

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WP Client Reference

Create a reference guide for clients right in the WordP…

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Reference 2 Wiki

Creates links to Wikipedia with different languages

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ACF Field Display

Useful addition that displays a list of all your ACF cu…

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Staging CDN

This plugin allows you to reference all media content f…

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This plugin enables NETBibleTagger on your WordPress si…

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