TinyMCE Advanced


This plugin will let you add, remove and arrange the buttons that are shown on the Visual Editor toolbar. You can configure up to four rows of buttons including Font Sizes, Font Family, text and background colors, tables, etc. It will also let you enable the editor menu, see the screenshots.

It includes 15 plugins for TinyMCE that are automatically enabled or disabled depending on the buttons you have chosen. In addition this plugin adds some commonly used options as keeping the paragraph tags in the Text editor and importing the CSS classes from the theme’s editor-style.css.


  • テーブルの作成と編集のサポート
  • More options when inserting lists.
  • Search and Replace in the editor.
  • Ability to set Font Family and Font Sizes.
  • And many others.

本プラグインを利用することでツールバーの下の TinyMCE メニューを有効にでき、編集者にとって強力かつ便利になります。


  • このプラグインをインストールした後のWordPressのエディタ(デフォルトプラグインの設定)
  • TinyMCE Advanced 設定ページ、ツールバーオプション。
  • TinyMCE Advanced 設定ページ、ユーザーオプション。
  • TinyMCE Advanced 設定ページ、高度なオプション。
  • TinyMCE Advanced 設定ページ、管理オプション。


Best is to install directly from WordPress. If manual installation is required, please make sure that the plugin files are in a folder named “tinymce-advanced” (not two nested folders) in the WordPress plugins folder, usually “wp-content/plugins”.


Installation Instructions

Best is to install directly from WordPress. If manual installation is required, please make sure that the plugin files are in a folder named “tinymce-advanced” (not two nested folders) in the WordPress plugins folder, usually “wp-content/plugins”.

No styles are imported in the Formats sub-menu.

These styles are imported from your current theme editor-style.css file. However some themes do not have this functionality. For these themes TinyMCE Advanced has the option to let you add a customized editor-style.css and import it into the editor.

I have just installed this plugin, but it does not do anything.

Change some buttons on one of the toolbars, save your changes, clear your browser cache, and try again. If that does not work try reloding the Edit page several times while holding down Shift or Ctrl. There may also be a network cache somewhere between you and your host. You may need to wait for a few hours until this cache expires.

When I add “Smilies”, they do not show in the editor.

The “Emoticons” button in TinyMCE adds the codes for the smilies. The actual images are added by WordPress when viewing the Post. Make sure the checkbox “Convert emoticons to graphics on display” in “Options – Writing” is checked.


“Users – Your Profile” の下にある “Disable the visual editor when writing” チェックボックスがチェックされていないことを確認してください。

“old” ボタンが編集画面に存在する

プラグイン設定ページにある “Restore Default Settings” をクリックし、ボタンを再設定し、保存します。

Other questions? More screenshots?

サポートフォーラムで質問するか TinyMCE Advanced のサイトをごらんください。


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TinyMCE Advanced はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“TinyMCE Advanced” は29ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“TinyMCE Advanced” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。



  • Fixed compatibility with Gutenberg freeform block.
  • Forced refresh of the TinyMCE plugins after activation.
  • Updated for WordPress 4.9 and TinyMCE 4.6.7.


  • Updated for WordPress 4.8 and TinyMCE 4.6.3.


  • Updated for WordPress 4.7.4 and TinyMCE 4.5.6.
  • Fixed PHP notice after importing settings.


  • Updated for WordPress 4.7 and TinyMCE 4.4.3.
  • Fixed missing “Source code” button bug.


  • WordPress 4.6 と TinyMCE 4.4.1 用に更新されました。
  • マルチサイトの保存のバグを修正しました。
  • Added new button in the Text editor to add or reset the line breaks. Adds line breaks only between tags. Works only when it detects that line breaks are missing so it doesn’t reformat posts with removed paragraphs.

  • Fixed adding paragraph tags when loading posts that were saved before turning autop off.
  • Disabled the (new) inline toolbar for tables as it was overlapping the table in some cases.


  • WordPress 4.5.1 と TinyMCE 4.3.10 用に更新されました。
  • Fixed support for adding editor-style.css to themes that don’t have it.


  • WordPress 4.5 と TinyMCE 4.3.8. 用に更新されました。
  • 管理者オプションと標準オプションは分かれています。
  • Added settings that can disable the plugin for the main editor, other editors in wp-admin or editors on the front-end.
  • Josh Kim による韓国語翻訳と Stathis Mellios によるギリシャ語翻訳


  • WordPress 4.4 と TinyMCE 4.2.8. 用に更新されました。
  • Miwa Manabu による日本語翻訳


  • WordPress 4.3.1 と TinyMCE 4.2.5 のサポート
  • テキストドメインとプラグインヘッダーを修正

  • ‘textpattern’ プラグインを削除した時のエラーを修正


  • WordPress 4.3 と TinyMCE 4.2.3 のサポート
  • WordPress 4.3 に ‘textpattern’ プラグインと似た機能が存在するため削除
  • Nicolas Schneider によるフランス語翻訳


  • WordPress 4.2 と TinyMCE 4.1.9 のサポート
  • Fixed bugs with showing oEmbed previews when pasting an URL.
  • Fixed bugs with getting the content from TinyMCE with line breaks.


  • WordPress 4.1 と TinyMCE 4.1.7 のサポート
  • Fixed bug where consecutive caption shortcodes may be split with an empty paragraph tag.


  • wpautopが無効の時のイメージキャプションのバグを修正
  • Add translation support to the settings page. Button names/descriptions are translated from JS using the existing WordPress translation, so this part of the settings page will be translated by default. The other text still needs separate translation.


  • WordPress 4.0 と TinyMCE 4.1 のサポート
  • Add the ‘textpattern’ plugin that supports some of the markdown syntax while typing, (more info).
  • ‘table’ プラグインの背景とボーダーカラーのサポートを追加


  • Fix showing of the second, third and forth button rows when the Toolbar Toggle button is not used.
  • Fix adding the ”directionality” plugin when RTL or LTR button is selected.
  • Show the ”Advanced Options” to super admins on multisite installs.
  • Add the ”link” plugin including link rel setting. Replaces the Insert/Edit Link dialog when enabled.
  • Include updated ”table” plugin that has support for vertical align for cells.


Fix warnings on pages other than Edit Post. Update the description.


WordPress 3.9 と TinyMCE 4.0 のサポート

Updated for WordPress 3.8, fixed auto-embedding of single line URLs when not removing paragraph tags.


WordPress 3.7 と TinyMCE 3.5.9 のサポート


WordPress 3.5 と TinyMCE 3.5.8 のサポート


WordPress 3.4 と TinyMCE 3.4.9 のサポート

Fixed a bug preventing TinyMCE from importing CSS classes from editor-style.css.


WordPress 3.3 以降のバージョンと TinyMCE 3.4.5 用に更新されました。

Fix the removal of the media plugin so it does not require re-saving the settings.


Compatibility with WordPress 3.2 and TinyMCE 3.4.2, removed the options for support for iframe and HTML 5.0 elements as they are supported by default in WordPress 3.2, removed the media plugin as it is included by default.

Added advanced options: stop removing iframes, stop removing HTML 5.0 elements, moved the support for custom editor styles to editor-style.css in the current theme.

Attention: if you have a customized tadv-mce.css file and your theme doesn’t have editor-style.css, please download tadv-mce.css, rename it to editor-style.css and upload it to your current theme directory. Alternatively you can add there the editor-style.css from the Twenty Ten theme. If your theme has editor-style.css you can add any custom styles there.


WordPress 3.1 と TinyMCE 3.3.9 に対応、P と BR タグオプションを改善


WordPress 2.9 と TinyMCE 3.2.7 に対応、細かなバグの修正


WordPress 2.8 と TinyMCE 3.2.4 に対応、細かなバグの修正


WordPress 2.7 と TinyMCE 3.2 に対応、細かなバグの修正


Compatibility with WordPress 2.6 and TinyMCE 3.1, keeps empty paragraphs when disabling the removal of P and BR tags, the buttons for MCImageManager and MCFileManager can be arranged (if installed).


Compatibility with WordPress 2.5.1 and TinyMCE 3.0.7, added option to disable the removal of P and BR tags when saving and in the HTML editor (autop), added two more buttons to the HTML editor: autop and undo, fixed the removal of non-default TinyMCE buttons.


WordPress 2.5 と TinyMCE 3.0 のサポート


Deactivate/Uninstall option page, font size drop-down menu and other small changes.


Improved language selection, improved compatibility with WordPress 2.3 and TinyMCE, option to override some of the imported css classes and other small improvements and bugfixes.


Includes an admin page for arranging the TinyMCE toolbar buttons, easy installation, a lot of bugfixes, customized “Smilies” plugin that uses the built-in WordPress smilies, etc. The admin page uses jQuery and jQuery UI that lets you “drag and drop” the TinyMCE buttons to arrange your own toolbars and enables/disables the corresponding plugins depending on the used buttons.