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Forum wpForo is a new generation of WordPress forum plugins made by gVectors Team. Everything you need to run an efficient and professional community. Powerful and beautiful bulletin board with unique features.

Community and Demo:

Forums can be displayed with three different layouts

  1. Extended Layout:
    Classic forum layout with an unique feature to show one level deeper information. You can see latest topics of each forum on Forum List and latest posts of each topic on Topic List.
  2. Simplified Layout:
    Light, modern and beautiful forum layout with topic and post author avatars on forum and topic lists.
  3. Question and Answer Layout:
    Complete Question & Answers discussion board for professional support and for communities similar to Stack Overflow. Perfect platform for users to ask and answer questions, and, through membership and active participation, to vote up or down.

Available Translations

  • | Czech (cs_CZ) by Glados (The Witcher)
  • | German (de_DE) by Markus Herrmann
  • | Spanish (es_ES) Poncho Camacho
  • | Spanish (Mexico) (es_MX) Poncho Camacho
  • | Swedish (sv_SE) by Mathias Persson
  • | Persian (fa_IR) by
  • | Hebrew (he_IL) Gal Zilberman
  • | Japanese (JA_ja) by Seg Way
  • | Korean (ko_KO) by Jeehwan Song
  • | Dutch (nl_NL) Ger Metselaar i.o.v. Parma multimedia BV
  • | Russian (ru_RU) by Dmitry Butkevich
  • | Polish (pl_PL) by Bogusław Górecki
  • | French (fr_FR) by Julien Coopmann | Florent Lanternier | Youri Le Cottier

wpForo アドオン


  • | DESIGNED FOR ALL | You can use wpForo for small and extremely large communities. We keep improving plugin performance.
  • | FORUM LAYOUTS | The “Extended”, “Simplified” and “Question & Answer” layouts fit almost all type of discussions needs.
  • | MOBILE FRIENDLY | wpForo is super responsive on all kind of devices. Adapted on all screen sizes. You get perfectly scaled layouts on desktop, tabs and smartphones.
  • | SEO FRIENDLY | Built-in SEO functions. SEO effective Permalinks, Titles, Meta Data, Open Graph tags, Smart heading, Crawling friendly content.
  • | THEME API | You can create and install new themes, copy the customized forum theme and keep it in active WordPress theme folder.
  • | EXTENDABLE | We also develop free (built-in) and paid addons. The first addons “Advanced File Attachments”, “Polls”, “Private Messages” and “Ad Manager” will be available very soon.
  • | MEMBER PROFILE SYSTEM | Beautiful, modern and informative profile system, with member statistic, bio, settings, activity and subscriptions pages.
  • | MEMBER RATING AND BADGES | User rating system based on number of posts. Nice Badges and Member Rating Titles per reputation level. Fully customizable.
  • | SUBSCRIPTION AND RSS FEED | Built-in forum/topic subscription with double opt-in subscription confirmation function. Separate forum/topic RSS2 feeds.
  • | EASY FORUM HIERARCHY | Drag and Drop forum management system. Easy to set Parent-Child relationship and forum list order.
  • | EASY FORUM MODERATION | All necessary moderation tools on each topic and post to make easy forum moderation. Fast and AJAX powered action will make it pleasure.
  • | STYLES AND CUSTOMIZATION | Styles with different colors, dozens of settings, options, switches to manage and integrate forum with your theme look and feel. Almost everything has its option to make it different.
  • | USERGROUPS AND PERMISSIONS | Built-in, powerful Usergroup system. Allows to create a new, manage and delete. All Usergroups have according permissions, with separate managing options.
  • | FORUM ACCESS ROLES | This is a set of access roles named e.g.: “Read Only”, “Standard Access”, “Moderation Access”, “Full Access”, etc.. to manage Usergroup accesses for each forum.
  • | 言語 API & 翻訳 | wpForo には独自のフレーズシステムがあり、ダッシュボードですべてのフレーズを翻訳できます。また、WordPress の .MO / .PO 翻訳ファイルもサポートしています。
  • | EASY TO MIGRATE | You can download Go2wpForo free migration tool from our support forum. This tool allows you migrate from different WordPress forum plugins to wpForo.

Currently we’re working on

  • wpForo アンチスパム…
  • SNS 共有ボタン…
  • Go2wpForo の移行ツール…


  • Forum list - "Extended" layout (layout #1) | Screenshot #1
  • Forum list - "Simplified" layout (layout #2) | Screenshot #2
  • Forum list - "Question & Answer" layout (layout #3) | Screenshot #3
  • Topic list - "Extended" layout | Screenshot #4
  • Topic list - "Simplified" layout | Screenshot #5
  • Topic list - "Question & Answer" layout | Screenshot #6
  • Post list - "Extended" layout | Screenshot #7
  • Post list - "Simplified" layout | Screenshot #8
  • Post list - "Question & Answer" | Screenshot #9
  • Forum Profile Page - integrated with Shop and Profile plugins | Screenshot #10
  • Forum Member List | Screenshot #11
  • Dashboard - Drag and Drop forum management system. Easy to set Parent-Child relationship and forum order. | Screenshot #12
  • Dashboard - General Settings | Screenshot #13
  • Dashboard - Members Settings | Screenshot #14
  • Dashboard - Forum Styles, Colors | Screenshot #15
  • Dashboard - Forum Accesses / Can's | Screenshot #16


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly or upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wpforo directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Getting Started Doc


Getting Started
  1. Forum Page: wpForo creates a page with /community/ slug. If this slug is used you’ll have /community-2/ or /community-3/ slug. You can find the correct one in Forums > Settings > General Tab. Make sure you use WordPress permalinks. wpForo doesn’t work with default ?p=1 URL structure.

  2. Change Forum Page:

  3. Forum Menu:

  4. Forum Sidebar and Widgets:

  5. Forum Management:

  6. Forum Style & Colors:

  7. ログインとユーザー登録 フォーラム > 設定 > 機能の管理ページでは、WP で wpForo のログインページとユーザー登録ページを使用したり、デフォルトの WordPress ページを使用するよう強制できます。カスタムのログイン / ユーザー登録 / パスワード忘れのページについては、メンバータブに移動し、”カスタム認証の URL” オプションを使用してください。

  8. フォーラムがウェブサイトのトップに表示されます: この場合、フォーラム > 設定 > 機能の管理ページへ移動し、”出力バッファを有効” オプションをチェックする必要があります。

  9. フォーラムがメインページに表示されない こちらの FAQ トピックをお読みください:

  10. wpForo ショートコード

wpForo Support Forum:


Awesome forum!

I used bbpress, simple press and anspress in the past. There were always problems with the forums. Java script problems, ugly look, ugly widgets.

I found wpforo by accident. Not only was I able to export all of my bbpress posts, but it took less than minute, and no problems after. All working.

I am happy, very happy, the best product ever.

Good job guys!


The best Forum software for WP

This is, I must say, the best forum plugin so far in WP. It has all the features that a forum needs. Moreover, you can extend this and give more styling to your liking.

  • The board index is nice and intuitive;
  • The code base is not bloated;
  • Detect WooCommerce and add a My Account link in the forum as well;
  • Can be turned on/off some features very easily;
  • Auto subscription for forum topics and posts;
  • Good spam protection, especially if you have Akesimet and Wordfence enabled;
  • Great user profile with all the necessary informatino like number of posts, rewards, questions, rating and so;
  • Icon support from fontawesome.
  • Excellence badges depending on the number of posts a user has;
  • A Good admin moderation option
  • Easy to build usergroups and restrict access to specific forums
  • A moderate forum statistics appended at the bottom of the page

In short, a feature rich and awesome product. Not to mention the great support from the team. Kudos to them for this wonderful piece of software.

The only demand I have is this one – Adding more options in the statistics.

Thank you once again.

Goodbye, BuddyPress

I just installed my third instance of WPforo, and my only regret is that it’s taken me this long to leave my review. For all it’s capabilities, I’ve always found BuddyPress to be a time-consuming pain that’s difficult to integrate with site designs.

WPforo, while it may lack some features or extendability in comparison to BP, has been nothing short of a godsend. It’s simple, it’s functional, its interface is super-intuitive, and it’s performance is rock-solid. I can’t speak of developer support (since I haven’t encountered any issues), but the documentation is stellar. For any projects that aren’t centered on extensive community bells & whistles, I can’t see this plugin NOT being a perfect fit.

I don’t review plugins as often as I probably should, but I’d give a sixth star for this one if possible.



Forum – wpForo はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“Forum – wpForo” has been translated into these 2 locales: Russian, Spanish. 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとございます。

“Forum – wpForo” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

Browse the code or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


1.2.0 | 08.03.2017

wpForo v1.2.0 Release Summary

  • Added: wpForo Spam Control – New User
  • Added: New Dashboard subMenu – Forums > Tools > Antispam
  • Antispam: Possible Spam Attachments – lists suspected files
  • Antispam: New Registered Users control and restrictions
  • Antispam: Min number of posts to be able attach files
  • Antispam: Min number of posts to be able post links
  • Antispam: Restricts New Users to attach risky file extensions
  • Antispam: Integration with Akismet
  • Added: wpForo Spam Control – Topics & Posts
  • Added: New Dashboard subMenu – Forums > Moderation
  • Antispam: Makes topics/posts unapproved if spam is suspected
  • Antispam: Topic moderation through dashboard Approve/Unapprove/Delete
  • Antispam: Bans new registered users if spam content is detected
  • Antispam: New Forum Access – “Can pass moderation”
  • Added: RTL Font-Awesome
  • Added: Swedish Translation (sv_SE) by Mathias Persson
  • Fixed Bug: Don’t allow empty topics and posts
  • Fixed Bug: Post Link URL problem (pagination part in URL)
  • Fixed Bug: Notice: Undefined index: set in …/class-template.php


  • Once wpForo is updated, please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Tools admin page and check the “Possible Spam Attachments” section. We detected massive spam file uploading cases in non-protected forums. Spammers delete topics and posts but uploaded spam files are still in your file system, most of those PDF files. Please delete all suspected PDF files listed in this section. More Info
  • To load old customized colors please refresh forum page twice.
  • If you have a Cache Plugin, please delete all caches after wpForo update.
  • If you use CDN and found some issue please purge it.

1.1.2 | 26.02.2017

wpForo v1.1.2 Release Summary

  • Added: New topic type – Private
  • Added: Checkbox option on Topic editor: Private Topics
  • Added: Private/Public button with other moderation tools
  • Added: Profile buttons under Member Avatar on Members and Posts list
  • Added: Member Social Network information under avatar
  • Added: Phrase Packages for addon quick translation
  • Added: Polish (pl_PL) by Bogusław Górecki
  • Added: Checking avatar size before uploading
  • Added Access: “Can set topic private” (Admins and Moderators)
  • Added Access: “Can set own topic private” (Regular users)
  • Added Access: “Can view private topic” (Admin, Moderator and Topic Creator)
  • Performance: Huge SQL optimization and built-in caching system
  • SEO Optimization: added rel=”nofollow” to links with GET variables
  • New Addon: wpForo – Private Messages
  • New Addon: wpForo – Ads Manager (comming next week…)
  • Fixed Bug: Menu problem on IE / Edge
  • Fixed Bug: SubForums problem. Title and topics atatched to wrong forum
  • Fixed Bug: Search result displays private topics to non-permitted users
  • Fixed Bug: Private Forum topics in RSS Feed
  • Fixed Bug: Topic Pagination problem (conflict with pot pagination option)
  • Fixed Bug: RTL – Font color switcher problem
  • Fixed Bug: Removed Delete and Ban buttons for current user in dashboard
  • Fixed Bug: Typo CAN titles Dahsboard > Dashboard (needs re-translation)
  • Fixed Bug: Online Users widget avatar size problem
  • Fixed Bug: Signature image oversize
  • Fixed Bug: Q&A Layout recent topics order by sticky and created date
  • Fixed Bug: Editor – Add Link pop-up window size issue on mobile
  • Fixed Bug: Undefined variable: size_da in …/dashboard.php on line 182
  • Fixed Bug: SSL Problem

1.1.1 | 20.12.2016

  • Added: Compatible with WordPress 4.7
  • Added: Custom Forum Icons (font-awesome)
  • Added: Delete member with WP user and user specific forum content.
  • Added: [Add Child Forum] button on forum management list
  • Added: Persian (fa_IR) Translation by behrooz (
  • Added: New addon notifier
  • Cache: Update/clean cache on actions with topics, posts and members
  • Fixed Bug: Unnecessary email with Password Reset link on user registration
  • Fixed Bug: RTL Issue with widget avatars
  • Fixed Bug: Disable banning yourself
  • More info…

1.1.0 | 04.12.2016

  • Added: Support WordPress Multisite (single and network activation)
  • Added: Registration confirmation through email (WordPress way)
  • Added: Topic and Post Subscription checkbox next to Submit button
  • Added: New CAN (forum access permission) “Can view attachments”
  • Added: User Ban/Unban function in Forums > Members admin page
  • Added: Forums > Members, filter by users status
  • Added: Enable HTML in forum description
  • Added: Japanese (JA_ja) Translation, many thanks to Seg Way
  • Added: German (de_DE) translation, many thanks to Markus Herrmann
  • Added: Sticky topics on top of recent topics
  • Added: Option to notify forum admins when a new topic is created
  • Added: Option to notify forum admins when a new post is created
  • Added: Option to make post editor subscription checkboxe checked by default
  • Added: wpForo Addons admin page
  • New Addon: wpForo – Embeds
  • New Addon: wpForo – Advanced Attachments
  • Added: Nicename field in Profile > Accounts page to allow users change and hide usernames in profile URL.
  • Added: Option to change message when non-permitted visitor/user tries to view attachments
  • Added: Option to make some posts/pages available when “Turn WordPress to wpForo” option is enabled.
  • Fixed Bug: Dashboard menu access for non-permitted users
  • Fixed Bug: Missing forum edit, delete, view buttons on Forums admin page
  • Fixed Bug: Forums > Members bulk actions
  • Fixed Bug: Forums > Members list ordering issue
  • Fixed Bug: Missing topics, posts and profiles tables after installation
  • Fixed Bug: Remove reply, quote, edit buttons when topic is closed
  • Fixed Bug: Post Move, Report JS Errors.
  • Fixed Bug: Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpforo_update_last_login_date()
  • Optimization: Forum, topic and post loading speed and memory optimization
  • Security: improving post and topic creation security, two more level of checking processes before inserting data in database.
  • More info…

1.0.2 | 10.09.2016

  • 1.0.x is stable now. We fixed all bugs related to Beta-6 > 1.0.x upgrade. The main issue was missing forums and missing forum page. These issues had two reasons. First(incorrect pageid) was fixed in 1.0.1. Second (WP installation with different WordPress and Site Address) has been fixed in this 1.0.2 version. Lots of small bugs are fixed two.

1.0.1 | 07.09.2016

  • Fixed Bug: Forums does not appear after 1.0.0 update.
  • Fixed Bug: Other small 1.0.0 bugs

1.0.0 | 06.09.2016

  • Security: User-can-manage-user control based on user level and group
  • Security: Own and other user Usergroup secure management
  • Security: Edit profile issues, multi-level control
  • Security: Custom avatar uploading file control
  • Added: Using wpForo on home page. Insturction here.
  • Added: Use wpForo without shortcode and page. Set any slug for forum Base URL.
  • Added: Option to turn WordPress to wpForo (Disable WordPress on front-end)
  • Added: Dynamic recent topic icons on forum list
  • Added: New Stat Boxes on member profile page (Topics, Blog Posts, Comments)
  • Added: Option to integrate wpForo default attachments with WP Media Library
  • Added: Delete User Cache button on Forums > Dashboard admin page
  • Added: Option to disable forum user registration
  • Added: “Forums” > “Member” menu access in dashboard based on usergroup CAN’s.
  • Added: Missing last post info on parent forum, when post located in subForum
  • Added: Update all forum usergroup-access sets when adding a new usergroup
  • Added: Russian and Hebrew translations update.
  • Added: rel=”nofolow” for external links in post content
  • Added: Different welcome messages on first and other logins
  • Fixed Bug: Text color picker doesn’t work on topic and post editor.
  • Fixed Bug: Custom CSS code and Style/Color saving problem
  • Fixed Bug: Not centered avatars
  • Fixed Bug: Avatar size issue on posts and widgets
  • Fixed Bug: Avatar source URL protocol problem when changing http to https
  • Fixed Bug: Bullet-ed list shows all left *{ margin:0; } issue
  • Fixed Bug: Widget permission error for users with new usergroup
  • Fixed Bug: Foum SEO title. Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpforo_hide_title()
  • Fixed Bug: Fatal error on forum search when Debug Mode is enabled
  • Shortcode: Changed [wpforo-index] to [wpforo]
  • Shortcode: wpForo new shortcodes. More info.
  • SEO Optimization: Duplicated meta data on Member Profile pages
  • More info…

Beta-6 | 06.08.2016

  • Added: Dark Style
  • Added: Mark topics as Solved for Extended and Simplified Layouts
  • Added: Forum Access CAN – Can make topic solved
  • Added: Forum Access CAN – Can make own topic solved
  • Added: Sort topics by last post date (last replied on top)
  • Added: Option to disable subscription confirmation
  • Added: Forums and Users statistics update buttons
  • Added: WordPress color picker for forum color settings
  • Added: Image tag support for member signatures
  • Added: SEO optimization – avoids content duplication (pagination, GET)
  • Added: French (fr_FR) translation, many thanks to Julien Coopmann
  • Fixed Bug: Debug Mode Security (removed db information)
  • Fixed Bug: Forum Sidebar Priority
  • Fixed Bug: Advanced Search Bug (invalid arguments passed…)
  • Fixed Bug: Recent Topic ordering issue in Widget
  • Fixed Bug: Recent Topic ordering on Forum List
  • Fixed Bug: Last Post URL redirects to home on Simplified layout
  • Fixed Bug: Can’t login after changing password
  • Fixed Bug: Incorrect topic icons (based on count of posts)
  • Fixed Bug: Forum/Topic not found with multi-byte characters
  • Fixed Bug: Missing phrase issues
  • Fixed Bug: Lots of small problems

Beta-5 | 23.07.2016

  • Added: Added new and missing phrases in POT and Phrase list
  • Added: X ago problem, added “%s ago” phrase, can be change to “ago %s”
  • Added: Topic icons for Simplified and QA layouts.
  • Added: Solved icon for Q&A layout topics.
  • Added: Topic icon description in footer bar
  • Added: Option to use WordPress Date/Time formats (in Features tab)
  • Added: New CANs in Usergroup Permissions (can view members | profiles)
  • Added: Recent Topics Widget – Reloaded
  • Added: Russian and Mexican Spanish translations update.
  • Added: wpForo Debug Mode, output is hidden, for fast support.
  • Added: Top “Screen Options” on forum edit page, adds Forum Slug option.
  • Fixed Bug: Forums don’t show up on SSL / HTTPS websites
  • Fixed Bug: Forums don’t show up on websites w/o trailing slashes “/”
  • Fixed Bug: Plugin update system, updating new options
  • Fixed Bug: Slashes with apostrophes on “About Me” and Signatures
  • Fixed Bug: Long phrase issue on Forums admin page, icons instead of phrases
  • Fixed Bug: CSS issues, conflicts with some themes
  • Fixed Bug: Can’t update Font Size and Color options (11px for all items)

Beta-4 | 09.07.2016

  • Added: Supports WordPress default emoticons
  • Added: Automatic image URL to image conversion in post content (image auto-embed)
  • Added: View HTML source button on TiniMCE post editor
  • Added: Profile Social Network URLs and Skype links
  • Added: Last post link, date, author name for Intro Topics – Extended & QA Layouts
  • Added: Options to set Forum, Topic and Post Content font size
  • Added: Options to add custom CSS code
  • Added: Russian (ru_RU) translation, many thanks to Dmitry Butkevich (WPNICE.RU)
  • Added: Korean (ko_KO) translation, many thanks to Jeehwan Song
  • Added: Czech (cs_CZ) translation, many thanks to Glados (The Witcher)
  • Fixed Bug: Topic and Post layout don’t changed after changing forum parent category
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with https and www. websites
  • Fixed Bug: Forums and Topics don’t show up on the main page.
  • Fixed Bug: Proble with post quote, HTML content.
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with “Online Members” widget
  • Fixed Bug: Before and after [wpforo-index] content.
  • Fixed Bug: Forum is loaded on top of website, before theme header. We’ve added an option “Enable Output Buffer”. This feature is useful if you’re adding content before or after [wpforo-index] shortcode in page content. Also it useful if you see forum is loaded before website template, on top of front-end.

Beta-3 | 30.06.2016

  • Added: POT Translation file. wpForo can be translated with mo/po
  • Added: Option to enable reputation titles for certain usergroups
  • Added: Option to enable reputation badges for certain usergroups
  • Fixed Bug: Fatal error – Call to undefined function…
  • Fixed Bug: Removed setting options from TinyMCE Link pop-up
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with permalinks e.g.:
  • Fixed Bug: Note/Login/Register Pop-up on mobile screens
  • Fixed Bug: QA Layout isAnswer and Profile Badges on mobile screens

Beta-2 | 28.06.2016

  • Added: Option to set custom login URL
  • Added: Option to set custom register URL
  • Added: Option to set custom lost password URL
  • Fixed Bug: CSS conflicts with different themes
  • Fixed Bug: Question & Answer Layout issues
  • Fixed Bug: Enabled “Can Create Topic” for “Standard Access” by default
  • Fixed Bug: .right .left . label class conflicts
  • Fixed Bug: Dashboard and Front-end member pagination
  • Fixed Bug: Member and Post search issues

Beta-1 | 26.06.2016

  • Initial version. It’s on the Beta stage and we’re working hard to reach the Gold 1.0.0 version as soon as possible. If you found some issue or bug please open a support topic in plugin page or in our support forum.