Classic Editor


Classic Editor プラグインは以前の WordPress エディターと投稿編集画面を復活させ、それらを拡張するプラグインを使用可能にしたり、旧スタイルのメタボックスを追加したり、その他以前のエディターに依存する機能を使えるようにします。

By default it will hide all traces of the new Block editor and the Gutenberg editor including the Dashboard widget asking the users to try it.


  1. Fully replaces the Block editor and the Gutenberg editor, and restores the Edit Post template.
  2. Adds alternate “Edit” links to the Posts and Pages screens, on the toolbar at the top of the screen, and in the admin menu. Using these links will open the corresponding post or page in the Classic editor.

モードは「設定 投稿」画面で変更できます。スクリーンショットをご覧ください。


  • プラグイン設定は「設定 -> 投稿」画面にあります。
  • Link to edit the item using the Classic Editor on the Posts screen. Visible when the option to fully replace the editor is turned off.
  • Link to use the Classic Editor on the Admin toolbar. Shown on the Edit Post screen and on the front end when a single post is displayed. Visible when the option to fully replace the editor is turned off.


Nonsense and Surrealism – The Chaos of Meaning

kind of surreal having to write this, so if wordpress keeps going the Gutenberg direction then soon they should be releasing a plugin for wordpress itself..
surreal are as well all the people having to give the five stars review to the editor that should always have been the default (judging by the faulty and terrible Gutenberg one that was supposed to be “better”…
Definitely there are no words.. and here are my five stars to teh classic editor after experiencing nightmares to achieve simple things in Gutenberg but (to keep in the surreal scenario wordpress is opening for us, then we should be giving either one star as this should have been a plugin.. honestly I really hope wordpress evaluates carefully the future of the platform if Gutenberg cano’t improve at all (as it seems otherwise this plug in would not have to exist and even less would have not been voted five starts by many … MANY .. M-A-N-Y – LOTS OF PEOPLE.. )

So at the end, Gutenberg achievement would be making the classic editor the best wordpress plugin ever, what an “evolution”… heheh

Nonsense and Surrealism – The Chaos of Meaning


Thanks for this plugin. Gutenberg Editor is the worst thing that ever happened with WordPress, so the Classic Editor saves us. Thanks! 🙂

What a relief

Thanks so much for this plugin! You are protecting us from Gutenberg and all of its buggy site-breaking craziness.



Classic Editor はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


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Updated for Gutenberg 4.1 and WordPress 5.0-beta1.
Removed some functionality that now exists in Gutenberg.
Fixed redirecting back to the Classic editor after looking at post revisions.


Fixed removing of the “Try Gutenberg” call-out when the Gutenberg plugin is not activated.
Fixed to always show the settings and the settings link in the plugins list table.
Updated the readme text.


Updated the option from a checkbox to couple of radio buttons, seems clearer. Thanks to @designsimply for the label text suggestions.
Some general updates and cleanup.


Update for Gutenberg 1.9.
Remove warning and automatic deactivation when Gutenberg is not active.